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Bobbi received her Master’s degree from the University of Missouri, Columbia.  Her emphasis is on mental health as well as court-involved therapy.   

Bobbi provides individual counseling for most age groups for issues such as behavior modification; co-occurring disorders; and most mental health disorders including depression, anxiety, and trauma.  Bobbi also provides family therapy and has completed conflict resolution and mediation training, which helps in working with high conflict families.

Bobbi provides therapy for children whose parents are going through divorce or modification.  Bobbi is familiar with her role in legal cases and works with the children to help them cope during this difficult time.  Bobbi works with the parents to provide education and to provide family therapy as necessary.

Bobbi works with many family law attorneys in the Kansas City metro area and engages in regular communication with professionals involved in legal cases.  Bobbi has testified in multiple family court cases in Jackson county.  Bobbi maintains professionalism and objectivity while building a therapeutic relationship with children and parents.  Bobbi continues to maintain support with children following settlement.

Sand Tray Fun
Bobbi does modified sand tray work to help a client through issues.